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a. Chairman of the BCSDZ
i) To preside over the Council meetings, Annual General Meetings, Annual
Conferences and major seminars/workshops held by the BCSDZ.
ii) To maintain close liaison with the Executive Director.
iii) To represent the BCSDZ as needed at senior private and public sector levels.
iv) To perform generally such duties as are in keeping with the advancement of
the objectives of the BCSDZ.
b. Trustees
i) To maintain a watching brief on the assets and financial affairs of the BCSDZ.
ii) When so requested or required to perform such duties as are in keeping with
the objectives of the BCSDZ.
c. Council
i) To act as the policy-making body of the BCSDZ.
ii) To regularly review the BCSDZ's structure and objectives in line with the
operating environment and the service needs of members.
iii) To monitor progress on the implementation of such policies and objectives.
iv) To approve budgets and review finances of the BCSDZ.
v) To set membership subscriptions for each financial year.
d. Management Committee
i) To oversee the implementation of the BCSDZ's objectives and the Council's
policies in liaison with the Executive Director.
ii) To oversee and assist as required the planning of the BCSDZ's Annual
Conference, in liaison with the Executive Director.
iii) To initiate such other activities as may be felt to be in the BCSDZ's and its
members' best interests.
e. Executive Director (ED)
i) To add value to the business of the BCSDZ by providing services to members
in accordance with the BCSDZ's objectives and the Council's policies and
ii) To arrange and chair Management Committee meetings.
iii) To initiate, arrange and attend seminars, workshops, field days and training.
iv) To lead the planning and organisation of the BCSDZ's Annual Conference.
v) To facilitate the establishment and activities of BCSDZ Branches, and visit
such Branches regularly.
vi) To arrange for the quarterly publication of the electronic BCSDZ “Update”.
vii) To maintain regular communications with members on general and topical,
practical value matters.
viii) To encourage and promote active membership.
xi) To liaise with the Chairpersons of the Technical Committees.
x) To liaise with the Secretary and the Treasurer as required, and control
financial transactions.
xi) To liaise with similar national, regional and international organisations.
xii) To represent the BCSDZ on relevant national organisations in both the private
and public sectors.
xiii) To represent, where possible, the BCSDZ on relevant regional and
international organisations, and in particular the WBCSD's Liaison Delegate
xiv) To provide and/or arrange for the provision of advice to members on
sustainable development matters as required.
xv) To liaise with and report to the BCSDZ Chairman and to report to the Council.
f. Secretary
i) To maintain an inventory of BCSDZ's property.
ii) To summon members to attend meetings.
iii) To attend, record and keep minutes of Council and Management Committee
iv) To manage the membership register.
v) To manage the collection and receipting of subscriptions.
vi) To perform such additional secretarial duties as may be required from time to
time by the Chairman or Executive Director.
g. Treasurer
i) To prepare annual budgets in liaison with the Executive Director.
ii) To prepare quarterly financial statements for the Council.
iii) To manage surplus funds to the best advantage of the BCSDZ.
iv) To prepare annual financial statements for the Annual General Meeting.
v) To manage any BCSDZ bank and/or savings accounts.
vi) To perform any other financial duties as required by the Chairman or
Executive Director.
h. Technical Committee
i) To initiate plans and activities related to the topics of their respective
Committees that will be of benefit to BCSDZ members and to the cause of
Sustainable Development in Zimbabwe generally.
ii) To liaise with the other Technical Committees where appropriate.
iii) To liaise with the Executive Director.
iv) To keep the Management Committee informed of their activities.
v) To prepare and/or present reports to the AGM and the Annual Conference.
i. Branches
i) To initiate meetings, seminars, workshops and field days of direct practical
interest and value to members in their respective areas.
ii) To liaise with the Executive Director.

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