The Business Council for Sustainable Development Zimbabwe


Code of Conduct

We recognize ourselves to be important stakeholders in ensuring the protection of a safe, healthy and productive work environment. As such we will strive to develop environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic growth as parts of our corporate priorities leading to sustainable development.

We are committed to working with responsible agencies in researching, reviewing and formulating effective environmental policies, legislation and standards which will balance the impacts of our activities on the environment and help achieve the goal of improved quality of life.

We are committed to appropriate environmental standards and will apply the most practical and cost-effective environmental protection procedures and measures throughout product and project life cycles.

We will strive to use alternative means of cleaner, eco-efficient production in our organizations, and promote the concept of cleaner production.

We are committed to the promotion of greater environmental education, awareness and motivation of our employees, the public sector and local communities in order to foster greater environmental and social responsibility.

We are committed to providing advice to our customers/consumers/contractors on the environmental, health and safety implications of storage, transport, use and disposal of our products or services.

We are committed to developing appropriate contingency plans to deal with pollution related emergencies and accidents. These emergency preparedness plans will be developed in consultation with relevant authorities.

We are committed to fostering openness on environmental issues, to sharing information on the principles of environmental management, to environmental and sustainable development reporting and to public dialogue.

We undertake to promote sustainable development of renewable resources and optimal development of finite resources, and to encourage the widespread adoption of the principles contained in this code of conduct.

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